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Environmental protection plays an outstanding role within our company‘s philosophy.

Glass is our life

Spezialglashütte Kugler Colors GmbH derives its origin from the Dressler glass company in Morchenstern, located in „Sudetenland“. Since then we produce a wide range of colored glasses with the love of manual craft. Many of our colors are based on recipes passed on for generations.


Our product range contains a broad range of colored glasses mainly supplied in the form of rods, sticks, granulated material and powders.

All glasses are hand-crafted.


    Calculated coefficient of expansion: 96 + 4 x 10-7/K. The specified coefficient of thermal expansion or our products is a guideline value.

  • KUGLER COLORS® grits

    Grits of all colors for decorating hollow glass and lampworking

  • KUGLER CRYSTAL® No. 70 Pellets

    Pelletized batch free of lead and arsenic compatible with KUGLER COLORS®

  • Colored glass foil

    Very thin shards of colored glass for decoration


    Even small quantities of BEADMAKING 104 cause striking effects.


    Highest quality cullet with superior working properties.

New Color

K 025 silver light green