The advantages of SLUMPING-COLORS® grits and powder of
Spezialglashütte Kugler Colors GmbH in overview:

Very well suited for creating artistic designs and particularly refining bowls, objects and particularly unique items for collectors
High level of brilliance of transparent colors and high color depth of opaque colors
Even small quantities of SLUMPING-COLORS® achieve major effects.
Very effective with reflected light and transmitted light

High color stability because SLUMPING-COLORS® glasses are
– Homogeneously dyed
– Light and color-fast, even for extended use, practically no solarisation

Compatible no burn-out of the colors

We recommend tests for applications in cases of doubt.
We are happy to provide you with any advice you require.

Physical advantages:

Practically no danger of cut wounds from grits

What sets apart the SLUMPING-COLORS®
colored glass to produce your unique creation?

  • Constantly high glass quality
  • Great effects only with small quantities
  • Intensive, luminous colors
  • Many types of glass available with an interesting color combination depending on the work and fire settings
  • Good colorfastness; to be checked by the user in individual cases
  • Good fire resistance of the colors; to be checked by the user in individual cases
  • Conditional compatibility with the colored glass grains of other suppliers; to be checked by the user
  • Excellent compatibility with the overlay grits and powder of our product line KUGLER-COLORS®; to be checked by the user
  • Very compatible with KUGLER-COLORS® Aventurin Braun [Brown] K999 and Blau [Blue] K888; to be checked by the user

For generations Spezialglashütte Kugler Colors GmbH
has stood for

  • Competent consultation
  • Quick and competent processing of your requests and orders, also with special requests
  • Short delivery time
  • High delivery reliability
  • Best value for the money

Our team is available to give you further information on SLUMPING-COLORS®. Please contact

Phone +49 8341 -62040 oder 62049
Fax  +49 8341 -61625

Spezialglashütte Kugler Colors GmbH