Using SLUMPING-COLORS® – colored glasses for slumping

By artists who create collector’s pieces or decoration objects, particularly

  • Unique items such as shells, plates etc.
  • Interior and exterior installations
  • Thin-walled as well as thick-walled decorative pieces

Effect and application

SLUMPING-COLORS® have a strong effect

  • In combination with opaque and transparent colors
  • When processing opaque colors while the luminosity of the individual colors and the color combinations is clearly used in a much better way.
  • The exclusive use of transparent colors because the coloring in incident or transmitted light supports the form.
  • Good in conjunction with light. The effects can be different for transmitted light or incident light. Here special attention should be paid to lighting, background lighting and the reflecting properties of the background or substrate.


  • Very suited for the design of unique effects because the tones of the colors can be combined in different ways.
  • In transparent or opaque form; different effects can be achieved depending on what you choose
  • Easy handling due to already familiar grits sizes
  • Good flow characteristics of the colors