Environmental protection

Environmental protection - A main component of our company philosophy

It has been only a few years since the new production facility for KUGLER-COLORS® colored glass has been established in Kaufbeuren-Neugablonz. Spezialglashütte Kugler Colors GmbH uses the most modern and latest techniques for an environmental friendly colored glass production. In producing our colored glass, all the environmental rules and ecological standards of German and international authorities and committees are adhered to and sometimes even exceeded. For example:

  • The used water of the productional process is kept in a closed cycle and re- used after cooling and cleaning
  • All material causing dust is strictly controlled and suctioned off, collected and kept free of pollutants by the most modern filter installations.
  • All the discharged but reusable materials are sorted and recycled.

Fifteen percent of the total investment of approximately 5 million Euro for the new glass company was spent on the most modern installations and control techniques for environmental protection

One can see that environmental protection is not only the most natural thing in the world for us, but environmental protection and the preservation of natural resources is even a main component of our company philosophy. We will continue to work on further optimising our self-imposed ecological goals.

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