The Spezialglashütte Kugler Colors GmbH has its roots in the "Sudetenland", the Dressler company in Morchenstern, and has been operating for four generations.

After World War II, the tradition of glass making was continued in Neugablonz.

In 1985 the existing program was expanded by adding the world famous KUGLER·COLORS® from Mr. Klaus Kügler who had quit production in Haunstetten near Augsburg.

We, the Spezialglashütte Kugler Colors GmbH, run one of the rare production plants for colored glasses worldwide. We produce a wide variety of colored glasses mainly supplied in the form of bars, tubes and granulated material.

Nearly 90 % of the production consists of high quality overlay colors offered in a variety of more than 170 colors under the registered trade mark KUGLER·COLORS® . Most of our customers are manufacturers of crystal glass and artistic glasses who need these overlay glasses for designing their products in colors.

All glasses are produced manually. There are still many colors based on recipes kept strictly secret and passed on for generations. Innovation, however, plays a big role. About ten new colors are created every year enabling our customers to design their products in the latest trend colors. With the KUGLER·COLORS® it is our goal to offer a range of products, which even today is focusing on the market needs of tomorrow.

A very new factory was set into operation at the location Kaufbeuren-Neugablonz accordingly in January 1995. Now it became possible to combine the tradition of mastery in glass making with the most modern melting-furnace and process-control technology. On a floor space of about 1,500 m2 there are the large furnace floor, the control-room equipped with full automatic process control systems, the warehouse, offices and social area, all under the same roof.


When the production in the new glass-manufacturing plant started, an entire quality management was introduced. Thus we have made sure that the physical, chemical and technical properties of our products are permanently kept on a high level and constant, too. The elements of our quality assurance system consist of measurements to find out faulty products as well as test methods to efficiently identify even hidden faults.

The Spezialglashütte Kugler Colors GmbH applies the most modern technology for highly efficient environmental protection. Therefore in the production of the KUGLER·COLORS® all legal rules for environmental protection in Germany and international ecological standards are well observed and often even well exceeded.

For example:

  • The water used in the manufacturing process is kept in a closed circuit and fed back to the circuit after cooling and cleaning.
  • All sources of dust are permanently monitored, the dust is exhausted, collected and made free of immission by highly efficient filter equipment.
  • All waste of the production is collected, assorted and recycled.

With these measurements a worldwide new standard has been implanted in the environmentfriendly production of colored glass. Proudly we claim that standing up for a careful treatment of the natural resources is of an outstanding rank within our company`s philosophy.

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