Application of the GALA-Glas® Color Glass in the architectural area

  • In shaken form as a split
  • In bound form using binders, such as for tiles
  • Cement-bound, such as for Terrazzo tiles (grits incorporated into cement)


  • Design of surfaces inside and outside of buildings
  • Garden and landscaping design
  • Architectural concreting when designing areas as a creative, elegant and permanent solution
  • Preferably by garden architects, landscape planners and designers


  • Particularly good effects in conjunction with light. The effects can be different for transmitted light or incident light. Here special attention should be paid to lighting, background lighting and the reflecting properties of the background or substrate.


  • Particularly suitable for laying on open areas that can be walked on. Friction is low in accordance with the high level of hardness.
  • The compatibility between the binder and the glass should be checked by the user with imbedded application. In particular the chemical compatibility and thermal expansion should be taken into account.
  • Practically no risk from cut injuries compared to other forms of glass and particularly glass fragments.