Overview of advantages of BEADMAKING 104® glass from
Spezialglashütte Kugler Colors GmbH:

Ideally suited for the production of jewellery and particularly unique specimens for bead collectors

High brilliance and great luminosity

Even small amounts of BEADMAKING 104® give great effects.

very effective when brightened

high color stability, as BEADMAKING 104® glass is

  • homogenously colored
  • non-fade, practically no solarisation
  • colorfast, no fading even when exposed to UV rays

practically no burning out of the colors

BEADMAKING 104® sticks can easily be made into granules, allowing fine accents of color.

If in doubt, we recommend technically applied tests. We are happy to assist and consult you.

Good reasons for expressing your ideas with BEADMAKING 104® crystal and color glass:

constant high quality of glass

intense, glowing colors

great effect even with small amounts

lots of glass with interesting color variations, depending on working conditions and fire settings

lots of reflectively reducing colors
Some compatibility with glass color sticks from other providers such as Effetre, Vetrofond, must be tested by the user.
Some compatibility with overlay glass from our KUGLER COLORS® line of products – with calculated coefficient of expansion 93±2 x 10-7/K, must be tested by the user.
Limited compatibility with KUGLER COLORS® Aventurin Brown K999, Aventurin Blue K888 and Aventuringreen K059, must be tested by the user.
still compatible with silver and gold foils, silver leaf and gold leaf, must be tested by the user

For many generations, Spezialglashütte Kugler Colors GmbH has stood for

best cost effectiveness

competent advice
fast, competent dealing with your requests and orders
fast delivery time
very reliable delivery

Our team is available to give you further information on BEADMAKING 104®. Please contact

Phone +49 8341 -62040 or 62049
Fax                                 +49 8341 -61625
email                             info@kuglercolors.de
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