Opaque colors

B 530 dense white B 060 opalin
B 151 soft rose B 245 isar blue
B 501 pink rose B 074 seed green
B 502 dense pink yellowish B 075 dense green
B 078 canary yellow B 079 pea green
B 570 dense yellow B 521 light green
B 067 opal orange yellowish B 161 light beige
B 069 coral red B 180 A silver petrol
B 121 opal orange reddish B 181A silver brown
B 088 opal violet B 182 A iris savanne
B 097 lilac red B 222 tabac light
B 086 turquoise B 540 A light sandbrown
B 520 A soft turquoise B 541 A dark sandbrown
B 091 lapis blue B 175 A light grey
B 153 bahia blue      
B 242 dense blue      
B 560 opal blue      

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A = Striking colors
The colour pictures can only be used as an indication of the product true colour.
The possible grain appearance inside results from the production process, this does not affect the quality of the product. Once the product has been used, these marks will disappear.

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