Newest BEADMAKING 104®:

B 005 Goldrubin extra* / gold ruby extra* / rubis doré extra*
B 019 Goldtopas / gold topaz / topaze doré
B 014 Hyzinthblau*
B 031 Olivin*
B 006 A Aurora rötlich*
B 024 Resedagrün*
B 045 Mittelblau
B 051 Braun*
B 140 A Orange
B 220 A Altgold

B 060 Opalin / opalin / opalin

* Very dark; recommendation: work very thin over white or clear basic bead.

We did lower the minimum quantity for customers.Prices upon request.
All prices are exwork prices, freight charges, packaging charges and (if no TVA-No. is available) tax of 19% will be added.

From all countries worldwide it is possible to order the new line BEADMAKING 104® directly at Spezialglashütte Kugler Colors GmbH / Germany as well as in the US through our authorised KUGLER COLORS® distributors.

Since April 1, 2007 every customer is still welcomed to order BEADMAKING 104®  whether directly from Spezialglashütte Kugler Colors GmbH in Germany or from our authorized representations in the US and in Europe.

The high quality level of the products from Spezialglashütte Kugler Colors GmbH is well known and appreciated by their customers - worldwide. The BEADMAKING 104® is available worldwide without any restrictions. And due to the customer-focussed production and logistics management the ordered goods will arrive very soon and in the very best condition.

With kind regards,

Helga Friedrich
Gunther Friedrich
technical advisor
Diana Friedrich
glass technician & glass designer

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87600 Kaufbeuren-Neugablonz

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For this product we are searching re-sellers in the area of Germany, Austria and in Swiss